[ASL Church Service] The Father's House - Pastor Greg Neal

[ASL Church Service] The Father's House - Pastor Greg Neal

[ASL Church Service] Sunday Morning Service | Immanuel Baptist Church - Pastor Greg Neal

Looking for a deaf church service today?

Join the Immanuel Baptist Church for our deaf church service through our deaf ministry. Services are available for the deaf and are live-streamed every Sunday & Wednesday.

Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL.

Church website: https://www.immanueljax.org
Pastor Greg Neal's Blog: https://pastorgregneal.com
Independent Baptist Books & Music: https://bereanpublications.com
Affordable printing for churches (tracts, door hangers, invitations, etc....): https://bereanprinting.com
Printing & web design for missionaries: https://bereanprinting.com/missions
Start an online bookstore for your church: https://independentbaptistbooks.com

About Our Pastor:

Greg Neal, through his preaching and his counseling, displays the compassionate heart of a pastor, follows the true leading of the Holy Spirit, and expresses a fervent desire to see lost souls come to know Christ. It is his ultimate desire to see the greater Jacksonville area reached for the cause of Christ and for revival to come to Northeast Florida.

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