Sound of Revival (Let the Fire Fall)- Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmark

Sound of Revival (Let the Fire Fall)- Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmark

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Welcome to Rise and Prophecy channel on YouTube! Here our mission is to help every child of God over daily the challenges that each day present through our Christian videos and grow in faith.

Here you will find your favorites sermon, verses and God's Words that will build you up in Christ as a Christian. Sermons featuring all your favorite hosts and cast members.

In other to achieve our vision and mission, we focus on teaching on revival of the endtime churches. We feature our team of internal pastors in this regard and great men and women of God with an objective to spread the word of God across the globe with love which can be accomplished with unity in the body of Christ.
This attributes is captured in Apostle Joshua Selman who is the compandium of revelation and we are task by the grace of God and auction of the holy spirit to highlight critical revelatory points to afford you the opportunity to meditate and profit from the different dimensions of the word preached. God bless you as you receive the word.

If you have any Bible inspirations that will build up christian, please let us know in the comments section and I'd like to upload it for you..
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