A Breast Cancer Miracle Story

Jerome and Lisa Lewis want to share Lisa’ breast cancer miracle story with as many people as they can. As Partners with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, they understand the miracle-working power of God and the importance of standing in faith for their well-being.

When Lisa received the report that she had breast cancer, the first thing this couple did was make sure fear did not overwhelm them.
They made the quality decision that they would only tell their friends and family about Lisa’s diagnosis once they were emotionally and spiritually ready to stand in faith on God’s Word. They knew that their loved ones’ reactions would, in part, depend on how the two of them communicated the news. A week passed. Finally, they told their children, their congregation and Lisa’s mother. Everyone came together in faith, not fear, to stand for Lisa’s breast cancer miracle.

Throughout Lisa’s treatment, they continued to stand in faith and against fear. They watched the words they spoke by choosing praise God and proclaim His Word. Their battle cry was one they regularly proclaim in their church: “Our faith is not fragile. Our faith is not weak. Our faith gets stronger every time we speak.”

Today, Lisa is cancer free and living her breast cancer miracle story. She and Jerome are so thankful for Jesus’ healing power, for the love and faith of their friends and family and for the gift of partnership they have with Kenneth Copeland Ministries. The lessons they learn about standing in faith and the prayer for healing they received from Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Prayer Ministers helped them stand strong.

Watch Lisa’s breast cancer miracle story and hear what partnership meant to them. And if you need prayer, contact Kenneth Copeland Ministries Prayer Department at kcm.org/prayer.
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