A Special Memorial Day Message by Kenneth Copeland

In this special Memorial Day message, Kenneth Copeland shares his passion for America and those who have died for the freedom we enjoy every day in the United States.

This Memorial Day is different than many others that we've had in the past due to the world pandemic. Brother Copeland recalls the many challenges and wars endured by previous generations. He also remembers his mother's brother, Lieutenant Buddy Owens, who gave his life for our country.

Every generation has to be retaught the price that has been paid. Join us as we remember and honor the soldier, the sailor, the airmen--all the men and women who have served and given their lives--so we could be free and worship God.

Remember, 2020 is a year of great change and manifest power! America is becoming stronger every day, and this, too, shall pass. God is more than enough!

Have a blessed Memorial Day! And remember, God loves you, we love you and Jesus is Lord!

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