Are Humans Just “Waste with an Expiration Date”? What Happens to Us When We Die? | Alex Stark

What happens to us when we die? How do you hope in a world plagued by death? In the popular TV show “House,” the unconventional, slightly wacky Dr. House bluntly tells a patient, "You're mortal, just a bag of cells. You’re waste with an expiration date.” This is actually the implication of an atheistic worldview, Alex Stark says. If God isn't real, then death is the end. Some may say to this that, “I'm not here for a long time, but I'm here for a good time.” But the reality under this worldview is that living our best life now will ultimately be meaningless. Hear a different perspective on this in today’s #TakeFive, “Death: How to Hope.”
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
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