Calling Forth the Harvest! Ara and Ashley Veney Partner Testimony

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Partners Ara and Ashley Veney both felt independently led to relocate from Los Angeles to Fort Worth, Texas. They visited for several days in order to survey the land—all the while praying God’s will for their lives. When they visited Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC), they immediately knew it was home. The very first house they saw is the one they ended up buying.

It wasn’t long afterward they experienced their first Texas storm where a big tornado damaged tore off their roof, leaving nothing but wood exposed. In the midst of calls with insurance and trying to sort everything out, another set of storms came through. This time—rain. Due to missing shingles and exposed wood, water began leaking down into their son’s bedroom.

Ara and Ashley knew they needed to do something right away. They began receiving quotes for basic entry-level shingles, which started at $7,000. It was time to believe God for a new roof! During this time, the student life center at EMIC was being built. Pastor George Pearsons was having the congregation fill out “Faith Project” cards. No. One on the Veney’s card? A new roof. From that day forward they just sowed and believed.

One day, their neighbor who owned a gutter company, approached them. The neighbor and his wife felt they need to bless the Veneys with new gutters. Ara and Ashley were amazed and eager for him to get to work, but they desperately needed a new roof first. After checking out the roof, the neighbor decided to connect the Veneys with a friend’s company who was great with fighting insurance companies. The friend came and did a very detailed evaluation of the situation and told them he would be in contact after developing a plan.

To Ara and Ashley’s surprise, he called just half an hour later with a timely blessing that was beyond their wildest imaginations! Through Pastor George and Sister Gloria Copeland’s teachings, the Veneys learned not only to be persistent in their faith by continuing to sow and believe—they learned to be diligent in calling their harvest forth. Praise the Lord!

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