CASS - Don't Look Down (Feat. Blake Young)

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(Blake Young)
Mama told me the truth
Daddy ain’t make me to lose
Yeah I know I see the news
But she gave me some different views
That’s why we speak today
Giving strength to the weak today
Be free today
Just wanna help you see the way
Don’t look down, take that leap of faith

I got a new life
I got a new light that’s in my eyes
Its no surprise
My hope is coming from the skies
Look around
My feet is almost of the ground
I heard that trumpet sound and now I’m never looking down

My mama told me
Always keep your head up
Don’t look down

Take a good look ahead
See beyond what you see ,
Live your life instead
Go nowhere but up from here
Always keep your head up
Don’t look down

Don’t look down

Where you tend to look is where you tend to go
Reaching for the stars through this telescope
Looking all the way up, cause you know what’s above
There's no point looking down


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