Chris Howland - I Got You (Feat. Spencer Kane)

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✞ Lyrics:
Verse 1:
Let me give it to ya straight
Put my heart out on the line
Let me empty out my mind
You're the only one i crave
And I keep wasting time
Tryna make the feeling right

Never have the words
I can't explain it
Every time I run
I know You're waiting
Everything You do
I can't contain it
You got me
Giving all I got
Cuz I know You're worth it
Giving all of me
Cuz You deserve it
I want You to know
I think You're perfect
You're perfect

Nothing matters
Nothing else matters
I got You
And Nothing else matters
Nothing matters
Nothing else matters
I got You
And nothing else matters
Nothing else matters

Verse 2:
Let me put it like this
I need You in my life
Gotta readjust my sights
Had a swing and a miss
But You made me come alive
Yeah You breathed me back to life

I got You, You got me


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