Chris Howland x CASS x Sajan Nauriyal - Way Up

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✞ Lyrics :

Got me like woo, yeah,
Way up in skies like
Living my time just
tryin' to get my life right
My God never fails so
I'm the head not the tail
Livin' for the King of Kings
What you think this is?
Got me like

Verse 1:
Shout out to Chris
We're goin' for the kill
We're goin' for the murder (the track)
We do it for the kids
Do it for the culture
Do it for the turn up
Who told you heaven
Don't party like this?
Who lied to you?
Tell 'em it's Friday in the mornin'
But in heaven it's always live for you.
(It's always lit)

Livin' for the King like Ima die yesterday
Call my mama to pray
Did everything I remember like yesterday
On her knees she will stay
Hotline to heaven's phone
Like Jesus, will You help us in every way?
We can't do it alone, we need You
Just like everyday


Verse 2:
I know that You are the truth
I know that You’re making moves
I know that I ain’t got nothing to prove
That’s just something I got to get used to
And Now I ain’t got no excuse Ooo
Ever since I heard the news Ooo
You came and then put me in new school
I know that You got the juice

Sons and daughters of the Living Father
And we out here mobbin’ in the Rain City
Changin’ nations for the Kingdom come
You better watch the throne
'Cause it’s a Reign City
Jesus by my side, It’s no surprise
That when the storms are coming
They can’t play with me
Liberated from the life I once had
I’m stepping out and I can’t bring my chains with me, Yeah

Hear me now, don't stop now
Never give up, don't drop out
Switch it up, don't cry now
Never give in to the pressure now

We out here, won't back down
Gotta spread the word, gotta step out
We out here, won't back down
Gotta spread the word like Woo


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