Christian Hip Hop Presents Justin Pendergrass "Higher" feat Andre Davis {Christian Rap Music Video)

Justin Pendergrass - Higher (Official Music Video) ft. Andre Davis

In 2019 I fell into a depression that I hadn’t seen since I attempted on my life when I was 18 years old. During that time, I was constantly told by others that I just needed to smile more, stop being sad, read my bible, fast and pray to solve all my problems. My coworkers, family, and friends didn’t truly see what I was fighting, preventing them from fully comprehending the gravity of the darkness I was in. Getting out of bed became the most difficult task of my morning routine and reading the bible was absolutely daunting. I would try to explain what was going on with me to others, but it would only frustrate me to the point of feeling like I was malfunctioning. It felt as if my mind wanted to die and my body would run on autopilot, having just enough energy to survive the workday before needing to rest. “Higher” was written during that experience. It expresses the full emotions of someone who battles with suicidal thoughts and how on the outside all they see is that I am reaching higher. I pulled lyrics from a song I wrote when I battled suicide all those years ago and placed them in the third verse. Those lyrics were the words that saved my life back in 2010. "Higher " Available Now: On all Streaming websites and for purchase on itunes

Written and Performed by: Justin Pendergrass


Directed by: Calin Pearcy

Featuring: Andre Davis

Mixed by: Jeremy Robinson

Instrumental by: Rapso Beats

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