Christian Rap | Kobe Bryant Tribute Song by Manny Gallegos Jr. - "Kobe!" Produced by @CANIS MAJOR

Not too many people know this, but Kobe had a presence at my school. His team used our gym for practices and they would frequently be on campus. On the day of registration my freshman year, Kobe was in the gym and I went and watch him practice with the girls.. later on in the year my coach asked me to help him out.. little did I know it was to watch the gym so Kobe and his girls could practice. I ended up doing that multiple times throughout my time here at @vanguardu and I got to have a few conversations with him. The last time we talked he was standing with Gigi marveling about her sharing with me how she was about to turn 13. I told him about my daughter and how she was going to be 10 soon. We talked about our baby girls for a bit and then he told me “it goes by quick.. and no matter what your daughters in to, be fully invested in it and don’t blink” I dapped him and gi up and they left.. Growing up Kobe was my sports hero but after he retired he continued to motivated me not only to be the best dad possible.. but to be my best self. He loved his girls so much and took pride in them. Can’t believe I got to share moments with Kobe.. and it is so fitting to me that those moments were brought together by basketball and our talks were about our daughters. This hurts differently... haven’t been able to come to terms yet.. I was 6 when he came into the league and my daughter was 6 when he left... the only life I know is a life that in which I had Kobe to be motivated by... life is short, don’t forget to share Christ with all those you come in contact with whether it’s with words or actions, because you never know who you can have an impact on. It’s my birthday on Tuesday and I gotta game at vanguard at 7:30.. best believe im putting on a show. This ones for the black mamba.
Christian Hip Hop
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