Darla Baltazar - Unselfish Love [Royalty-Free Instrumental]

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These songs provided by Amen Worldwide are Royalty-Free. We want you to be able to freely use these songs in vlogs, podcasts, videos, films etc. without worrying about copyright. This means that the above content can all be monetised and used for commercial projects and you don’t owe any money to Amen Worldwide or the music producers who contributed to this project.

The only use of these songs that we do not allow is for them to be used in music projects that will be distributed to platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc. and any platform that requires a third-party distributor. This means that if you are a singer, rapper, spoken word artist etc. the only use of these songs we allow is in direct to platform sharing such as SoundCloud, BandCamp, YouTube, and so long as you do not copyright the content yourself.

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