Ecclesia - Hands & Feet (Feat. Andrew Padilla)

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I believe in miracles
I’ve seen broken lives healed by broken hands
In spite of all the obstacles
I’ve seen humble feet choose to take a stand
Who’s to say I’m not a miracle?
Who’s to say that I’m not wonderfully made?
Who’s to say this mess ain’t fixable?
Who’s to say my God could never make a change?

Give me a
Love like the Father
Fire from Spirit
To be the difference
That I’m called to be
Open my eyes to the needy
My heart to the hurting
To be the body
Be the hands and feet
Of the love we need

Not what I do but what You've done before
That has the strength to make a slave into a son
So any service made to my God above
Is an overflow of the Love lavished upon us

This Love is
This Love is
This Love is

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