Eternal Security?

One of the most dangerous doctrines that have been perpetrated upon the church is the doctrine of “Unconditional Eternal Security”. Many of the main-line, denominational churches and a good percentage of the fringe denominations of the church world have accepted this doctrine and perverted the real meaning of the scriptures to make them say what they would want to be true. However, believing something is truth, and teaching it as truth, and interpreting scripture to make it sound like truth, does not make false doctrine really true after all.

Too many people, I fear, have passed from this life into the next, absolutely convinced that they are going to Heaven just because they were converted, baptized into Christ and confessed their sin many years before but have lived like the world and for the pleasures and sin of this world for a long time. I do not accept the doctrine of “Unconditional Eternal Security” and it seems to me that any minister of the gospel would easily recognize that God’s grace is extended to man conditional upon man’s acceptance and obedience to God’s Word.

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