Facing A Lack? God Wants To Bless You With 5 Times More! | Joseph Prince

This excerpt is from: Five Times More Favor And Provision (15 Nov 2020)

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When all you see around you is lack, know this: God has five times more favor, provision, healing, anointing, and blessings for you because you’re part of the Benjamin Generation! In this revelation-packed message by Joseph Prince, uncover secrets from the Old Testament story of two brothers, Joseph and Benjamin, and see how the Lord has prepared an abundant supply for all your needs—especially in this time of famine in the world. Learn how you can:

• See Jesus, your heavenly Joseph, loving and providing for you in this time of instability and scarcity.
• Live with hope and assurance when you realize you belong to the Benjamin Generation, set apart and marked by God’s grace.
• Own your five-times-more portion of favor, provision, health, and success through a revelation of the Lord’s unmerited favor in your life.
• Become a beacon of hope and light to this world as you shine forth with God’s glory.

Beloved, draw near to your loving Savior and experience His lavish supply in your life!

0:00 God Is Raising The Benjamin Generation!
1:19 Who Is Benjamin?
2:27 When Did Benjamin Make His Appearance?
3:32 What God Is Doing In This Time Of Famine
5:54 What Does The Benjamin Generation Represent?
8:41 God Has 5 Times More Favor And Provision For You
11:03 New Book By Joseph Prince—Give Me This Mountain

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