God Does the Impossible for Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Partner Joseph Harris

Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Partner Joseph Harris shares his testimony of God doing the impossible when he won the Food Network’s All-Star Academy. The competitive show brought 10 home cooks together and, over the course of eight weeks, gave them a new culinary challenge each week. As the 2015 winner, Joseph took home the $50,000 prize and experienced a powerful testimony of God, indeed, doing the impossible.

Joseph grew up in a Word of Faith church that taught the importance of trusting God’s Word, remaining in faith about God’s Word and meditating on that Word. “[My church] taught me how to hear God for myself. I learned the lessons I was supposed to learn and didn’t have to wait until I was older to learn them,” he says.

When the Lord directed him to quit his job as a music minister, Joseph admits that he hesitated. Over the next seven or eight months, the Lord persisted. Eventually, Joseph obeyed. The word from the Lord that continued to come to his mind—and was echoed by a close friend—was, “Don’t forget your cooking.”

Joseph finally resigned from his job and submitted his application to audition for the Food Network. Within a couple hours, he received a response inviting him to continue in the interview process. During the audition season, the Lord began reminding Joseph of 1 Timothy 6 and speaking to him about how to handle money, a message that was seconded by Kenneth Copeland’s teaching on the same passage. That message proved prophetic when Joseph won the $50,000 prize and had to decide how to handle his own money.
Today, Joseph continues to follow Jesus, study the Word and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

“Serving up love through the food and the ministry is what I love, and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” says Joseph.

Watch Joseph Harris’ video and see his testimony of God doing the impossible. And if you want to know more about partnership with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, visit KCM.org/partnership.
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