Healing from Stage 4 Cancer!

KCM Partner Diane Huff woke up one morning with pain in her side. The unusual discomfort she was experiencing led her to have her husband, Charlie, take her to the hospital, where she was admitted. After Diane received her CT scan, the results showed inflammation in her appendix, so it was surgically removed only a few short hours later. Diane recovered at the hospital for four days and later received a phone call with her pathology report results, which revealed that she had cancer.

Days later, Diane was part of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s Thanksgiving broadcast taping of Believer’s Voice of Victory. At the end of the taping, Gloria Copeland asked if there was someone in the audience who needed prayer for something serious that was trying to attach itself to their life. Diane knew it was from the Lord, and as much as she didn’t want to stand up in front of everyone, she knew He was working. From the very moment Brother Copeland laid his hand on her to pray, Diane knew it was done—she was healed.

She would later receive a call informing her that the cancer, which originated in her appendix, had now moved into her colon, liver and lymphatic system. This was now stage 4. Diane began experiencing intense pain, lowered energy levels and extreme nausea which prevented her from eating. She was rapidly losing weight while the tumors were growing significantly in size. Diane didn’t know what to do, but she knew something had to happen.

After a visit to the clinic, God suddenly dropped total peace within her spirit telling her, I will walk through this with you. Diane and Charlie knew right then that it did not matter what the report or the doctors said; it only mattered what God’s Word had to say—that she was healed and whole.

Diane began a strong, three-day treatment and was taking morphine for the extreme pain she was experiencing. At the end of that three-day treatment she realized she was no longer in pain and no longer needing to take her morphine pill. Diane then received a call from her doctor who excitedly informed her that her tumor markers had been over 200, but that they were now 28.9! Diane asked her doctor if that was normal—it was not.

With that one dose, Diane had lost all pain and nausea and gained her appetite back. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was God who had miraculously turned everything around for her. Through Brother Copeland’s teachings, Diane and Charlie learned not only to cling to God’s Word, but to stand firmly upon it, knowing full well that everything they need has already been accomplished!

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