On Wednesday June 12th 2019, T.B. Joshua will turn 56 years old! But how does the celebrant want us to celebrate? Watch on...

"If you really love your pastor, you should dedicate June 12th to take your time to meet the sick ones. There are many of your neighbours on the sickbed. When you go to some hospitals, you will see many of them who have been on the sickbed for many years.

"You have to dedicate that day – June 12th – to have friends who have been bedridden for many years. Look for them. Find them. They are everywhere. They are in a hospital where they are being treated. Many of them have been abandoned for many years. Be their family. You should have their number. When you wake up in the morning – ‘How are you doing? I just want to know how you are doing there. Is there anything you want me to bring for you?’

"This is what you need to do on the occasion of my birthday on June 12th. There is no gathering; there is no coming together and cutting a cake! I repeat again - this is a big opportunity for you to go out there and look for those who are on the sickbed, who have been bedridden for many years. If they don’t have a handset, you can get one for them. Give them your number and have their number. Let your children know you with that habit. That is a divine legacy – so that they can continue when you are no longer living.

"When you are celebrating at home during a festival such as Christmas, you too can go there and visit them. This is an opportunity for you! Over to you.

"Not just one person – you should have hundreds. Hundreds in the sense that their case will seem to be a burden – but it’s not a burden. You need something to pinch you, punch you, disturb you. ‘How will I do it? I only have N100,000 but I need N200,000 to pay their hospital bills and feeding.’ You need a situation like that. You have only N100,000 but you need N200,000 to do that assistance. You need something that will be bothering you for the glory of God.

"You need something to be bothering you for the glory of God. What is bothering you now is not for the glory of God. 'How will you pay your house-rent? How will you pay your hospital bill?' These are for your own. Something for the glory of God must bother you for you to live above human destruction.

"But the people calling you are not things that will bother you for the glory of God. They are for selfish reasons, classic reasons and material reasons. You need things to bother you for the glory of God. The glory of God means – what they are asking for, you don’t have enough – but this is for God. This will give you sleepless nights for the glory of God.

"How many of them do you have their number? The people you have their number – they are people who are fit, your relatives, your family-friends. These are the people who run to you. These people cannot run to you – they are somewhere else. You have to go to them. God has to give you the heart to meet them.

"How many of you are here today, praying, ‘Lord, bless me! I want to help this man.’ How many offered such prayer? You must reach a level that when you are praying – ‘I need this to help this person/ that person, to rescue that person. Lord, bless me to help this person’ – with sincerity of heart. But what kind of prayer are you offering since morning? So, you need something to bother you for the glory of God, to give you sleepless nights.

"That June 12th is to rededicate yourself to the acts of giving. The giving we are talking about should not be selective. You know those who need you most. Try to reach these people. When you are doing that, your destiny will be reshaped. The people you are helping are your people – very selective help.

"Introduce your children to this good habit. Let your children say on your last day, let them stand to tell the whole world that – ‘This is what my father used to do. He used to send me to this place. We have almost 300 people on the sick-bed. I am the one giving them money. Oh God – help me to continue this.’ "
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