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Join us for the complete session of the first 'Distance Is Not A Barrier: Interactive Prayer Sessions' from the Emmanuel TV Studios in Lagos, Nigeria where viewers around the world receive prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit - followed by instant testimony to the glory of God!

Here are the cases who received prayer during session one:

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"God is more powerful in distance; it depends on the state of your heart." - TB Joshua

00:00 Section 1
10:22 Ysmael Figueredo - Difficulty in Sitting Down Due To Piles And Muscle Problem
08:26 Marcel Toona & Family - Healed of a Deadly Virus
18:26 Adrian & Mariana - Healed of Private Part Infection
25:11 Sharon - Healed & Delivered from Asthma
32:38 Rebeca Cruz - Healed Of Meniscus Of The Right Knee

39:50 Section 2
40:01 Marie Cecile Amalaman - Discal Hernia Healing
48:00 Inga - Healed Of A Blocked Throat Due To Severe Allergies
57:11 Amon Evans - Healed Of Difficulty In Walking Due To Spinal Compression
01:01:00 Susana Diaz - Healed Of Severe Hip Pain
01:08:00 Dr. Teodoro Yeboho Bapa - Healed Of Hypertension and Liver Disease

01:18:00 Christine - Healed Of Severe Back Pain
01:25:00 Margaret - Healed Of Deadly Virus
01:28:00 Luisa Patricia Alvarez - Healed OfHigh Cholesterol
01:36:00 Chantalle Lum - Healed Of High Heart Rate
01:40:00 Fidel Ortíz Moreno - Healed Of Deadly Virus

01:46:00 Prayer For Viewers

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