Isaac Wheadon - SUMR Tape (Full Album) [Lofi Worship Mix]

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Album out Friday

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0:00 I'm At Peace While The World Isn't
2:44 Garden of Eden (feat. Taylor Armstrong)
4:57 Dreamland
6:53 Always With You (feat. Dia Day)
9:11 Open Up Your Eyes (feat. isaacxhopes)
11:35 Comblée (feat. Eva Bouazize) [French]
13:26 In You I Have Victory (feat. IMRSQD)
15:42 Naj Lepsza (feat. John Gimel) [Polish]
18:18 You Are Coming Back (feat. Joe Bae)
22:11 Everytime (feat. sxxnt.)
24:35 Time to Pray Interlude (feat. sxxnt.)
25:21 Tenlo Por Seguro (feat. Sarah Nathalié) [Spanish]
28:11 24 Horas (feat. Cether) [Portuguese]
31:09 Completato
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