Joe Bright (Feat. Twelve24) - Follow (WYLD Remix)

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✞ Lyrics:
I hear Your voice calling me closer
A sweet noise saying I'm made for more
Fear fades when You look in my eyes
Your touch makes me come alive

Take my hand and never let me go
Say the word and I will follow
You and I will set this world alight

I will follow You, You are the truth
You give me something I can live for
Lay down my life, if that's the price
You give me something I can live for

Live for (repeat)

Everything happens for a reason
Sometimes i can struggle to believe it
It's like im walking through the dark night
Caught up in the wrong fight
Lord, and im stuck here bleeding
If You knock will I let you in?
Can you really be my medicine?
You died on the cross to forgive all my sins
If I give You my live am I really just living it
Cos live is worth living
I didn't know but now I realise that
Everytime I turned my back and I went off track
You still gave me my life back
What kind of grace is this?
Even when I throw it in your face
Still gave me a place, gave me a faith
It's not about me I'm sure now my life is yours

My life is Yours, only Yours (repeat)

Live for (repeat)


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