Joseph Prince - Healing Flows When Grace Is Exalted - 08 Jul 2012

The more we come under God's grace, the more healing flows—in every area of our lives! Discover this encouraging truth in the dramatic account of Abraham lying about his wife, Sarah, being his sister to King Abimelech. In this revelatory message, Joseph Prince answers doubts we have about being "qualified" to both pray for the sick and to receive healing from a holy and righteous God. Learn how healing flows when grace is not just professed but exalted and lived by day to day. Get a fresh revelation of God's grace and walk in a greater measure of healing and health today!

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جوزيف برينس – الشِّفاء يتدفق عندما تُقدَّر النِّعمة – 8 يوليه 2012

Chinese (Simplified)
2012年7月8日 当恩典被高举,医治随之涌入

Chinese (Traditional)
2012年7月8日 當恩典被高舉,醫治隨之湧入

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Joseph Prince
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