Katy Perry Loses Lawsuit Against Christian Rapper Flame (Dark Horse vs Joyful Noise)(@ChristianRapz)

Katy Perry loses lawsuit against Christian Rapper Flame and will have to pay damages. According to a jury in California her song "Dark Horse" released in 2013 infringed upon Flame's song "Joyful Noise" released in 2008. The settlement process will start 7/30/2019

Marcus Gray, AKA Flame, and co-writers Emanuel Lambert and Chike Ojukwu of his track Joyful Noise sued Perry and five other producers and songwriters who worked on Dark Horse. The lawsuit was filed a year after the release of "Dark Horse" which eventually became one of Katy's biggest hits and her 9th #1 single.​

​Gray's lawyers argued that the beat from "Dark Horse" infringed upon Flames song "Joyful Noise" while Perry's team argued they had never heard of Gray or his song. They also argued that the beat was so basic that anyone could come up with it.

According to "Rapzilla" FLAME’s DJ at the time, Cho’zyn Boy, was notified of the similarities. He pulled the files of both songs and broke them down and played them side-by-side and on top of each other. Listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts...

Side By Side comparison https://soundcloud.com/rapzilla/flame-joyful-noise-katy-perry-dark-horse-song-comparison

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