MY ADDICTION: A Life-Changing Testimony!!!

Wreaking of alcohol, Titilola lurched dizzily towards the toilet. Her system was intoxicated to such a dire point that the world was literally spinning. The addiction had robbed her of reason and the disgusting had become acceptable. She spent that night alone in her vomit - the toilet cubicle her only companion...

Miss Titilola Labode went to UK from Zimbabwe to study but ended up trading her educational pursuits for a life of clubbing, boozing and smoking. Money that her parents thought would be spent on her academics ended up being squandered on fueling her fast lifestyle. However, no matter how 'high' she became, it was as quickly followed by a resounding 'low'. Her life was a mess.

Returning home to Zimbabwe, her mother Dr Ruth Labode - a member of Parliament - took her wayward daughter to a church where she was convinced freedom would find her. There, she discovered a gift no amount of money, social status, drugs or alcohol could provide - peace of heart!

Here is her life-changing testimony, after the prayer of T.B. Joshua!
Emmanuel TV
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