NEW Christian Rap - Aasha Marie -"WYWS" ft. Candace Brown(@ChristianRapz)

" WYWS" stands for While You Were Sleeping. This song confronts the gang culture perpetuating violence in the city I live in (Chicago), their rejection of the truth of the gospel, unaware of their impending judgment from God. The local churches in these communities have a command to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ but many don't. Many pastors and preachers preach the eulogies of these fallen gang members who they didn't share with when they were living but by then it's too late.

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Vocals: Candace P. Brown Song Producer: Nova Gholar| @novagholar Music Video Director: Sanicole Young | @sanicole DP: Eric D. Seals for Digife | @ericdseals Drone footage : William Haywood | @readyon1

Song lyrics here: Just dust full of lust with the image of a Just and a Pure God with a huge rod/ punishing iniquity including feet swift to shed blood and the way of peace/ they have not known tic tac toe/ playing games with lives/ click clack foe/ toe tagged in the morgue that collapse on the floor when the knock at the door/ said "he's no more" so I'm using the gospel as morse code using glimpses of light to revive souls/ awakening dead in my favorite season in Christ is the weather and you need him/ cause ya' homies blowing backs out left ya babies in the street with they backs out/ body count multiplied oh you got clout / when the reckoning comes you'll be left out/ walking through the halls of catacombs where combs won't go through the heads of all these drones/ hair locked copy cats of chief keef all hail the brand new leaders of street beef/ they famous for aiming at targets gangs want more/ slayings the highest we've seen before/ praying you're not next/ I'll raise my sword/ oh LORD
Revival in the Streets / I was up while I was sleeping/ I lost count of bodies/ lining up while you were keeping/ the truth that will set free/ so why are you not speaking/ so Christ can bring the peace/ while you were sleeping It's a state of emergency the urgency should purposefully give earth need to worship thee eternally gracious seed who crushed the head of the serpent deeds perfectly/ Chicago Chicago/ pastors and church folk do ya'll know/ black children in the hood got dashed hopes/ satan waiting the bait is the cash flow/ in collection plates congregation hollering waving praising music blazing while the pastor preach/ when ya neighbors got danger for they behavior without the savior you should mourn and weep for the lost ones/ be ashamed that you won't grab none/ too buys contributing to the building fund/ pray bout the violence but go do something/ or will you pass by them like a nuisance or get up and get out and make new sons/ and daughters/ give Christ to the perps of manslaughter go make war/ they famous for/ officiating the sermons at funerals/ not well versed in the gospel hermeneutical/ to tell the juvenile his soul was renewable I hear the eulogy/ where were you when they were breathing? / bodies in the street didn't know what they were reaping/ truth will set em' free/ so why are you not speaking/ so Christ can bring the peace/ while you were sleeping

Thank you.

-Aasha Marie

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