Those dance steps appeared funny and captivating but they were demonic means to a destructive end. Even Mr. Oluwadeji George did not know the full consequence of his possession by that malicious idol spirit. He had felt he was living life like any other sane person. Little did he know, until that fateful day of his deliverance, that he had been a tool in the hands of the devil. He was manipulated and used to destroy people’s destinies before Jesus arrested him at the arena of liberty.

Possessed by an evil spirit from a very young age, Mr. Oluwadeji George was at the mercy of the demon which used him like a toy to do all sorts of ungodly things. He would drink himself to mesmerizing heights and sniff tobacco snuff that usually made his eyes blood-shot. As soon as he was high, the evil spirit would lure him to the streets where he always ended up constituting nuisance in the community, venting his temper on people even without provocation. His senses were being remote-controlled from the pit of hell where his soul had been in captivity.

He would insult and create pandemonium for no just cause. His wife was at the receiving end of his misdemeanours as he would always unleash his terror on her. Everything in the home irritated him beyond explanation. The Nigerian had cheated on his wife and had seen her as an enemy instead of a wife. The evil spirit made sure that the peace in their marriage was truncated as it afflicted him with the spirit of anger.

His encounter with God at The SCOAN would however change the story of his life forever. He received his deliverance during the ministration of the New Morning Water by the evangelists. Immediately the anointed medium was ministered to him, the evil spirit started speaking through him, before it was cast out and sent back to the pit of hell, in the mighty name of Jesus. “I have been using him right from his childhood. I made him to fight and to be hostile. I have been in his body since he was 4 years old”.

The idol spirit also revealed how it made him dance in different ways whenever it was time for worship. Any man or woman who witnessed him dance would be initiated into their kingdom and would also have his or her destiny destroyed. It also revealed how it had caused tension in his home through the spirit of anger. During his testimony in company of his wife, Mr. George regretted his past actions which were caused by the evil spirit.

“It was a demon that was behind those actions and it is Jesus Christ that has set me free forever. I love my wife and thank God for her perseverance which has brought me to Christ,” he told Emmanuel TV. The Holy Spirit has since taken full control of his life as he now sees his wife in the light of God’s Word. She is indeed a faithful partner and helper and deserves all the love in the world. He has vowed to continue to make God’s Word the standard for his life.

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