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St. Paul The Apostle is an animated children’s Bible compilation about Saul of Tarsus, a man who disliked Christians, becoming a follower of Jesus and spreading the word of God around the world in spite of great dangers.

Saul Becomes a Christian 1:22
Paul Sails For Rome 3:23
Storm At Sea 5:56
Paul Gives Hope 7:52
Shipwreck 10:08
Paul Reaches Rome 12:09
Paul Contacts the Jews Of Rome 14:06
Runaway Slave 16:08
Riots Of Silversmiths 18:20
Paul the Tent Maker 20:45
Paul Says Goodbye 23:07
Paul in Athens 25:30
A Roman Soldier 27:50
Paul is Saved 29:40
Paul in Caesarea 31:43
Boy Saved in Troas 33:47
Paul in Malta 35:57
Paul in Jerusalem 38:13
Paul in Corinth 40:22
Paul Begins His Ministry 42:20
Paul And Barnabas 44:44
Mark the Helper 47:09
Paul And Silas 49:27
Paul And King Agrippa 51:38
Lydia Of Macedonia 53:23
Paul Meets Timothy 55:38
Faithful To End 58:08

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