US, Turkey Agree on Ceasefire in NE Syria, Will It Hold? 10/18/19

US, Turkey agree on ceasefire in NE Syria but SDF, Assad & Russians aren’t part; plus CBN's Chuck Holton & George Thomas report from front lines on human cost, humanitarian efforts; and thousands of Christians celebrate biblical Sukkot in ... ...

1:00 - Pence and Pompeo meet with Erdogan
3:46 - On the front lines of the Syrian war with Chuck Holton
7:25 - Humanitarian relief reaches Syrians, with George Thomas
12:24 - Sen. Lindsey Graham talks Syria and Trump with Pat Robertson
19:31 - ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles Celebration
25:02 - The Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall
27:27 - Final thoughts on the week
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