Will She FORGIVE Him For Having THREE KIDS Out Of Wedlock?!?

She had not seen her husband for three years, during which he had three kids without her knowledge...

Despite his position as a "Church elder" and "active Christian", Mr Dijeh's marriage was on the verge of falling completely apart. His affection towards his wife continued to wane until he preferred her absence far more than her presence. The Nigerian businessman based in Botswana sent her to another country under the pretext of caring for their young daughter so he could engage in extramarital affairs which resulted in the birth of three children. After the reality of his actions dawned on him, Mr Dijeh resolved to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria to seek guidance and counsel from Prophet TB Joshua. Be inspired as you watch the remarkable reconciliation that unfolded in the presence of God...

Emmanuel TV
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