"YOU NEARLY TURNED INTO A DOG!!!" | TB Joshua Personal Prophecy

A young lady's life is turned upside down after purchasing a set of beads - which looked beautiful on the outside but brought serious spiritual repercussions...

Miss Jenrola Adebayo began living a wayward, promiscuous life - coupled with terrible nightmares - after coming into contact with a strange piece of jewellery. It was not meant for mere fashion but for seduction - and thus for destruction. An end to her journey into darkness only arrived when she visited The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and a word of prophecy rang forth, revealing the beads she wore "nearly turned her into a dog". Here is her testimony and confession - a stark eye-opener to those who doubt the reality of the spiritual world and its implications in our daily lives...

"When satan gives you something that look like peace (but it is not peace) with the right hand, he takes from you something your life depends on with the left hand." - TB Joshua

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